Control zones. OIL 11/18/19

Last week, oil came close to the weekly control zone of 58.49-58.06, which makes it possible to fix part of the purchases during its test.Read More

Oil returned to production

Euphoria over the proximity of the agreement between China and the United States to end the trade war pulled up quotes of the Brent andRead More

Oil “bulls” do not favor

Strange things are happening in the oil market! With many “bullish” drivers, Brent and WTI quotes do not grow, but consolidate, while speculators are notRead More

Trading idea for oil

Good afternoon, dear traders, I present to your attention a trading idea for oil. On Friday, there was an excellent short initiative on the AmericanRead More

Oil goes to 50

Good day, dear traders! As you may have noticed, the main tools I work with are – these are EURUSD, gold, and oil. And whileRead More

Oil does not believe in a truce

While investors are arguing whether it is worth considering the results of the Chinese delegation’s visit to Washington as a de-escalation of the US-China tradeRead More

Pause in oil

After serious shocks in mid-September, the oil market stabilized. The Bulls are surprised at the low-risk premium, since, in their opinion, attacks on Saudi ArabiaRead More