Minyak dan OPEC+

Minyak meningkat pada awal bulan ini ekoran daripada ketegangan antara Iran dan Amerika Syarikat meletus selepas satu siri serangan tentera AS yang telah meragut nyawaRead More

Oil marked the red line

While oil in the thin Christmas market comfortably rests on its laurels near two-month highs, large banks and investment companies are not stingy with forecasts.Read More

Four reasons to buy oil

The quotes for Brent and WTI futures soared to September highs, thanks to the OPEC + agreement, the willingness of the United States and ChinaRead More

Oil bends the line

The market knows how to punish self-confidence. According to the results of the week, by December 3, speculators reduced their long positions in WTI byRead More

Oil: long-term forecast

Oil – CL From April 2011 to August 2014, the price of oil (WTI) formed an extended triangular graphic formation. In August 2014, the priceRead More

Oil kings can do everything?

Oil is slowly recovering from a major sell-off on the last day of autumn. Taking advantage of the thin market after Thanksgiving, speculators decided toRead More