USD/CHF Attractive For Buyers!

USD/CHF moves sideways trying to accumulate more upside energy, to attract more buyers, after passing beyond the downtrend line. If you remember from my previousRead More

USD/CHF Targeting New Highs

USD/CHF has decreased to retest the 0.8866 former high and now it seems determined to approach and reach fresh new highs. I’ve told you inRead More

USDCHF bounces as expected

USDCHF is trading at 0.8908 having broken the short-term resistance at 0.8855-0.8860. In our previous analysis we anticipated a bounce towards the 0.8970-0.8980 area. TouchingRead More

USD/CHF Buying Opportunity!

USD/CHF has tested the broken downtrend line and now is traded above the former high confirming the breakout and the upside reversal. I’ve told youRead More